Jane is a fabulous cook and has created a proper haven at Costislost in beautiful Cornwall.
The weekend was packed full of great nutritional advice. I would throughly recommend it as a place to go to clear the mind and set up new intentions.
Gluten and dairy free, Jane's retreat is a particularly good place to start an elimination diet, to identify any intolerances, with lots of support to start you on your way.

RH - 2019


"Informative, Insightful and Inspirational "
Jane is so friendly and knowledgeable and was an excellent host and facilitator of this retreat. The days were well organised with plenty of time for learning, exploration (of self and environment) and relaxation. The food was fantastic and although a gentle detox, I did not miss caffeine, meat, dairy or gluten at all and I never felt hungry. I feel mentally and physically better than I have felt in a long time. This is just what the Dr should have ordered. I cannot thank Jane, Denise (morning yoga), Mandy (reiki and massage), Kate (for the lovely walk and comforting talk - hope I’ve got name right), Nick (transport and ‘that’ curry), Me tree and the lovely ladies I had the pleasure to meet on this truly fantastic retreat.
Susan R

I had such an amazing weekend thank you so much, i learnt loads, rested and th yoga and the massage were heavenly.
Since getting home Ive been leaping out of bed at 6.30 for 20 minutes of sun salutations, drinking my lemon water and celery juice (no apple! )
and I feel great. Gone vegan, bought myself a B12 spray, been making buckwheat bread and spreading the word of the magic that happened at Costislost.
I'm keeping up all the advice you gave last week and happy to bring this into my life on a permanent basis.
I have weighed myself and lost 5lbs in a week, so something good is happening.
My energy levels have shifted to mornings, never in my life have I been a morning person.
My sugar cravings have disappeared completely now I’m having apple and pear porridge and a head of celery juice in the morning.
I think last weekend was a life changer for me.

LD - 2019

Thankyou so much for such a wonderful weekend retreat. You held us all so intuitively and knowledgeably and the food was unbelievable. So beautiful, tasty and inspiring. Costislost is a stunning, peaceful place, a world away from all the busyness of everyday life. I slept like a log, loved the yoga and felt completely renewed and refreshed after just a few short days. I didnt want to leave!

KB 2019

It's amazing to me that so much can change in your body and mind in the space of three days relaxing, eating well, doing yoga, meditating, getting treatments and chatting with a lovely group. It felt like a much needed reset, purge and MOT for me. I found the recipes, info on everyday toxicity and foraging particularly inspiring. I was already following a broadly paleo diet, but the experience gave me new insights and knowledge which have totally reinvigorated my approach to looking after myself through food. The surroundings and rooms are beautiful and calming, and Jane has curated an incredible, holistic experience, led by her warmth and kindness and supported by all the other lovely practitioners from yoga teachers to massage therapists. It absolutely exceeded my expectations. The personal nutritional consultation was especially valuable and I'm now recommending it to everyone! Hope that I can come back and do the longer six-day retreat next time. Thank you Jane!  

Hannah W - 2018

Just wanted to write a few words on Costislost yoga retreat firstly the location is beautiful and the house and bedrooms are equally as nice very clean and comfortable  yoga was great and I was new to yoga! Food was superb and Jane is very knowledgeable on all aspects of nutrition you come away with so much information I will be booking again!
Lisa - 2018

Paleo Yoga 2018

Jane and her team have inspired me with fresh ideas to inject into my daily diet and practical ideas to help alleviate the tension in my tight and knotty shoulders!  The combination of yoga, diet and massage along with daily dry skin brushing worked well for me. Costilost is a unique Cornish property, full of charm and, at which, you are sure of a very warm and genuine welcome.

I really enjoyed the full time-table – on other retreats I’ve been on there’s been too much downtime between yoga sessions. I felt the variety was great – cookery demo, getting out in nature and all the therapies worked really well with enough time for personal reflection.
Kerry, Devon

Juice Cleanse, February 2017

For me the Juice Cleanse has proven to be an incredibly transformative experience in more ways than one.  Jane’s breadth and depth of expertise as a nutritionist and professional chef, introduced me to the amazing benefits of juicing, arming me with the recipes and general know- how I needed to bring juicing into my own routine.  However, on a more personal level, Jane’s gentle, sensitive approach, together with the luxurious room and beautiful surroundings at Costislost, gave me the encouragement and the confidence to explore my own relationship with food on a much deeper level.  Moving forward, the Juice Cleanse has empowered me to make the long-awaited changes to my diet and lifestyle, resulting in a much healthier, happier me - thank you so much Jane!

Helen Moyers

I enjoyed a wonderful juice retreat at Costislost earlier this year. Jane had already started me on some nutritional advice prior to the weekend, but suggested it would be a good 'boost' to help put some of my nutritional plans into practice.
The retreat was much more rewarding than I had anticipated, and everyone's anxiety about being hungry was soon dispersed with Janes reassurance and delicious juices! Each guest was given in depth, private consultations about their diet, health and lifestyle and Jane offered her professional and practical advice.
Yoga, meditation and the infra-red sauna were optional but well received bonuses to the weekend, and massage, reiki, Indian head massage and reflexology were also available as extras.
Costislost provided the perfect peaceful retreat, surrounded by trees and fields, with each guest having a beautiful, comfortable, spacious bedroom and bathroom. We were so well looked after, it was very hard to leave!
The retreat has helped me focus much more carefully on my diet and the food choices I make. It has given me a much greater awareness of how best to look after myself, enabled me to stop taking HRT and given me the confidence to know I can keep my energy levels up without reaching for the biscuit tin! It was also an eye-opener to realise all the nutrients we needed to get through the day, were contained in a variety of carefully blended juices.

Kathy B


Retreat 2017

It took me a long time to decide to go ahead with the Paleo/Yoga Retreat. I have an auto-immune condition (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) and had read that eating a Paleo type diet may be a way to aid recovery. If I'm honest, the Paleo diet didn't appeal to me at all - I far prefer vegetarian foods. I finally decided to take the plunge and I'm glad I did. It was a wonderful experience. The group was taken care of beautifully in every way. The rooms really are very lovely and luxurious. All details are taken care of, there are even tea lights (small candles) to place around the bath. The food was very special indeed - we all looked forward to the tasty meals on offer. There was much to learn from Jane about following healthy living that won't over tax the body with chemicals. We followed a plan of activities that had a nice balance of free time to do whatever you feel like. Non of the activities are compulsory and after three days of morning Ashtanga yoga, I decided to do 30 minutes of Hatha yoga in my room instead. This wasn't frowned upon in any way. We were encouraged to follow our instincts in terms of what our body needs. A couple of times I felt hungry about 3 hours before our next meal and Jane happily supplied healthy snacks. The evening finished with a meditation and again it was fine if we opted out, no pressure at all. We experienced Gong Meditation one day and that was fabulous! Also, the therapies in your own room were a great addition to the whole experience. Some therapies were included, with the option to book in extra treatments at a very reasonable cost. At the end of the week the whole group felt transformed and we vowed to return for a reunion. Whether the reunion happens or not, I think it's fair to say, it was a very special, successful and highly enjoyable week!

I have had the most amazing life enhancing (if not changing) week of my life at Jane Parker's paleo and yoga retreat. Ill health and stress were getting on top of me and I knew that I needed a total break from my usual diet and routine.  I had read that paleo diet is good for correcting autoimmune disease and this is what first attracted me to the retreat, I had also done some yoga so the retreat sounded like bliss.  What I was not expecting was a total immersion in another world of holistic therapy and self discovery!  Jane, supported by her family, has created a sanctuary in a fabulous old house which is grand on scale but intimate at the same time.  I have to say I loved every bit of my therapy packed week, from the expert yoga tuition, delightful therapists (wonderful massages!), total relaxation of the meditation sessions to getting to know the other ladies who became soul mates for the week. This was topped of by Jane's superb food, smoothies and juices; I did not miss any of my usual foods one bit!  Jane has helped me immensely and I know I always have someone to turn to who will support me and have my best interests at heart. I can't praise Jane and her husband Nick enough for the experience they have created. If you want a totally wonderful break from the stress of your day to day, be pampered inside and out, while stretching your body and mind then don't hesitate to book a retreat at Costislost!  I can't wait to return!

Gilly N.

I was really looking forward to my week at Costislost on the Paleo and Yoga retreat, but I must admit that it went way beyond my expectations. I loved my room which was huge with a lovely 4 poster bed, the bathroom was also spacious and great for a relaxing bath. The house is stunning, with a lovely wood burning fire which we spent some happy times in front of. Jane spent lots of time with us and it was great to discuss both nutrition and other types of wellbeing. Several treatments were included in the week, which were lovely, plus extra treatments were available. Both the Ashtanga Yoga in the morning and the evening Hatha yoga were taught by lovely ladies, and I enjoyed both. I experienced my first Gong Meditation therapy which is also included. The food, juices and smoothies supplied by Jane were all delicious, and happily we came away with many of the recipe’s.

Having arrived feeling quite exhausted from life, I left feeling energised and looking forward to implementing lots of what I had learnt into my daily routine.

Another bonus was meeting the lovely ladies who were also on the retreat, who always gave encouragement and support. I would definitely return to do it all again!

Amanda S


Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to you and Nick for your warm and wonderful hospitality. You really are the hostess with the mostess!
The weekend surpassed all my expectations, I loved every minute of it, from the delicious food, cookery demonstration, yoga, barefoot walk on the beach, massage, nutrition consultation, massage, wonderful bedroom (body brush and scrub), tranquil surroundings, and of course not forgetting a great, fun group of women...... I haven't laughed so much in a long time. I have never been to anything where the whole group have gelled so well, including the host.

So thanks again Jane, you have worked wonders and been a huge inspiration.

Karen H


The weekend with you was absolutely delightful, life-enhancing and inspiring. I haven't felt this well (and spoilt) in decades. You and Nick are such fantastic, generous hosts and really made us all feel at home in your beautiful, calm, loving space. Thank you. I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity of staying with you. And I really hope it won't be the last time either! I would love to return (soon) and it would be great to get the same group together again at some point.

Stefanie S

I went to Jane’s 3 day Cornwall retreat with a friend and we had a superbly relaxing weekend.


The location is just so tranquil.  We felt relaxed as soon as we arrived and looked at the view at the back of the house with all green fields and no other houses to be seen.  There were 7 of us so it felt intimate & cosy and Jane’s schedule allowed us to be unhurried yet with the perfect balance of things to do yet with our own free time too.  I loved the array of books on the coffee tables to read about health, nutrition &  lifestyle where we could sit in the lounge, our bedroom, patio or garden to read.


We did yoga every morning and meditative yoga before bed. We loved it that we could be tucked up in bed by 10pm!  We could also choose from treatments such as massage, Indian head massage, reflexology & reiki healing.  The therapists and the yoga teacher she works with were all excellent.  We could also use the Infrared sauna. We also loved the cookery demo, grounding every morning and the stunning coastal walk.


Our twin room was lovely with an awesome country view and a huge bathroom with a very powerful shower.


The food was the absolute star of this weekend.  All plant-based vegan food with a colourful array of vegetables & fruits making up most of the menu with small amounts of lentils, chickpeas & rice.  We foraged some salad leaves too.  Jane’s cooking is simple but exquisite to look at and taste.  It was refreshingly relaxing not to have to choose food and simply have it put in front of you. As a result of this retreat both my friend and I have invested in a Magimix that we saw Jane using and are juicing celery now!  We’ve also bought our own sprouting jar. 


Jane herself is a the perfect retreat host – calm, kind & supportive – and she was very good as not overwhelming tired, harassed people with too much information.  The nutrition consultation with her was very useful.  This retreat is a great way to have some down time, be well-nourished and inspired to continue healthy living.  I will be returning for a 7 day retreat for sure!

JB -  2019

Everything! The weekend was perfect: relaxing, instructive, energizing. The instructors were excellent and encouraging. The balance of therapies (yoga, meditation, massage, energy et al), instruction and quiet time on one's own, worked very well. The food was absolutely delicious and meal times lead to fascinating conversations and discussions. In all a very successful, useful and memorable weekend for me. I have taken away a great deal to enhance my health and life style. I would recommend it to anyone and I hope that I can return another time - and learn even more.


TB - October 2019