Yoga Detox Week Retreat

A food based powerful liver detox

A fully inclusive retreat in our stunning small manor house set within 25 acres in North Cornwall. The main focus of the retreat is around detoxification and this is achieved through a food based program of juices, broths and some truly delicious meals created by Jane, chef and patron of this gorgeous retreat. There are no fads or latest diets included as Jane believes in a sensible approach to food, she promotes a balanced diet to suit each individual and encourages you to listen to your intuition. During your stay you will have a one on one nutritional assessment and will receive personalized advise from one of our nutritional therapists


During this retreat additional therapies include a choice of daily treatments including aromatherapy massage, reflexology, reiki, indian head massage, shiatsu and thai massage.


There is a daily yoga practice which is designed to support your elimination channels to enable your body to remove toxins and waste. This is held in the retreats beautiful yoga space which is suitable for all abilities and in the same beautiful space an evening meditation/yoga nidra.


Daily activities will include coastal and woodland walks, gong meditation, an essential oils workshop and cookery workshops. To support detox the retreat has an infrared sauna and daily dry skin brushing is encouraged. The retreat accommodates small groups of around 6 so that personal attention is assured. The focus is on health and well being but in a way that supports and celebrates your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. During your time with us you may very quickly start to feel more energized, more engaged and more empowered so that you really can make and maintain healthier choices when you return to your everyday life.


  • All meals, juices and broths

  • Morning Yoga

  • Evening meditation

  • Local guided walks

  • Infrared sauna

  • Luxurious accommodation at Costislost -

  • Organic and natural shampoo/body products

  • Detox support kit including dry skin brush, enema kit, herbs

  • Nutritional consultation

  • Cookery demos/Talks and follow on advice including recipes

  • Essential oils and flower therapies  workshop

  • Airport or train transfers



Additional Therapies include aromatherapy massage, reflexology, Lymphatic drainage massage, colon cleansing, seasalt therapy, shiatsu, indian head massage, thai massage and reiki.  Food intolerance testing is also available where appropriate. Additional therapies will be available to book during your stay and are an additional cost.


                                                                                                             View from the house

Retreat Dates 

No Dates Available




7 night retreat sharing £1100pp


7 night retreat single occupancy £1400 pp


Retreats start at 6pm on Saturday check in from 4pm and finish at 10.30am on Saturday.


To book click on the book button and you will be directed to Costislost



Why do we need to detox?

It is becoming more and more apparent that our modern way of living is not suiting us with higher incidences of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's. Why is this happening? It is for many reasons, but a fundamental one is our modern diet. We are eating a diet that no longer resembles the one we were eating just a short time ago, and today we are burdening our systems with GMOs, chemicals, unhealthy fats, sugar, antibiotics, and the list goes on. It just makes sense to strip out some of the modern foods that are harming us and to eat more naturally.

Removing all the refined and modern foods and stripping it back to a completely natural diet of abundant fruit and vegetables is a great place to start to find the diet that uniquely best suits you and enables you to achieve optimum health.

Your liver is extremely important as it carries out 1000’s of functions every second including getting rid of harmful substances. Its responsible for breaking down fat, storing glycogen and metabolizing hormones among many other functions.


Your overall health relies on your liver and years of exposure to toxins cause a build up of toxic waste that your liver stores and on top of that poor food choices even if you think you are eating healthily. A problem we have is the quality of the food we are consuming, its generally not as nutrient dense as it was say even 50 years ago especially you are buying from a supermarket. 

Signs that your liver is struggling with overload include sleep problems, fatigue, digestive issues like constipation, headaches, brain fog, weight gain, low mood, anxiety and depression, and skin problems and many many more.


Our livers are simply overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do and so can’t get rid of the waste, can’t metabolize hormones etc causing a build up in the system and so they become sluggish and this is where disease processes start as toxins don’t get cleared and are reabsorbed compounding the problem. The liver simply can’t do its job when it becomes clogged up and becomes ineffective. An example of this is hormonal imbalances like sleep disturbances where cortisol and melatonin are not being cleared and the back up causes you to be exhausted in the day and wide awake in the night.




                                                                                                                      Beautiful Bodmin Moor


​Our detox


As well as being a qualified nutritional therapist, Jane is an award-winning chef. Jane will be focusing the menus for the weekend on powerful detoxifying ingredients incorporating juices, smoothies, raw and cooked dishes using a wide variety of organic or local fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.  Herbal teas and activated water (lemon, lime, cucumber infused) will be on tap! The retreat is alcohol and caffeine-free.

This is designed to be a detoxifying program and so is stripped right back to exclude the foods that may cause gastrointestinal problems, which Jane will discuss during your time with us. You will learn what to eat to support detoxification and will go home with detailed instructions and recipes to give you inspiration to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle.

It is also key for successful detoxification for elimination channels to be functioning efficiently. Elimination channels include the skin, blood and circulation, lymph system, digestive tract and kidneys. To support these the focus is on exercise and movement, dry skin brushing, enemas, stress reduction, additional therapies and of course a cleansing diet.

This food will be packed with nutrients to support your bodies detoxification channels, make you feel energized, clearer, happier and will inspire you to make long-standing changes to your diet and consequently, your health and feeling of well being.

Jane's aim is to help you find the diet that best suits your unique physiology. After experiencing Jane's food and discussing your health with her in a nutritional consultation, you will go home armed with the tools needed to support you.

By taking control of your health you may be amazed at how well you will feel by the end of just one week. You should feel a boost in energy, a feeling of clarity and lighter mood and your digestion will love you for it! We are all different so this will vary from person to person and it may take some of you a little longer, you can repeat the process again as many times as you feel.

The difference between this program and a juice or water fast

Ours is a food based cleanse to give your liver a chance to really start ridding itself of toxins built up over years. Is designed so that the release of toxins will be at a measured pace. There are lots of programs out there including juicing and more extreme fasting and boot camps which can all have their place but if not done correctly can end up stressing your liver more than helping it by flooding your body with adreneline as you body tries to work out what has just hit it.  Juicing can also be highly effective but only if it is done with expert support.  We are taking a gentler approach but none the less still as effective if not more so for some people. By detoxing with food, so called 'healing reactions' can be avoided. It was once thought that these were a sign of the body removing toxins but more recent thinking suggests that a healing reaction means your system is overwhelmed by toxins and is not clearing them.

It's about more than just diet...

Jane and her team will ensure that you have a really relaxing break and fully unwind. Daily Yoga, massage and other therapies, sauna, evening meditation, grounding and connecting with nature in Costislost's surrounding wild garden and woods come together with luxurious accommodation in a truly peaceful setting. This is an opportunity to connect with yourself, have time to reflect, and perhaps even decide that it's time to make some changes in your life.

Spiritual Health

Doing a detox is so much more than just improving your gut and liver health The liver sits in the solar plexus chakra and when in balance is associated with confidence, humour, optimism, brightness and ability to meet challenges. By drawing out toxins from the body and in particular , the liver you may also clear deeply buried emotional trauma and memories and this can leave you feeling lighter as if a burden has lifted, giving you  more clarity and a deeper feeling of simple pure joy and raised awareness.

Why choose Cornwall

Ancient name for Cornwall..Belerion or "the shining land"

Jane and her partner Nick have created a homely yet stylish retreat in Cornwall among some of the most beautiful ancient rugged landscape in the country. Immerse yourself in the nature and stillness and connect with yourself on one of our retreats.

Cornwall is a unique and magical place. Costislost itself lies in a gentle dip down and long track surrounded by woodland and nature, the perfect place to soak up the silence, gaze at the stars and find peace away from it all.



The Yoga


There will be a morning yoga session . An invigorating start to each day to stimulate your circulation and lymph system but also to encourage deep relaxation to bring you into the moment. Our experienced teachers will guide you, whether you are a beginner or have many years of experience already. Our retreats are purposefully for small groups of people so that we have more time to spend assisting you with your Yoga practice. Our Yoga space is wonderfully peaceful, the perfect place for authentic yogic practice and an opportunity to rest and restore in a beautiful location.



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