Healthy Cooking and Yoga Weekend Retreat
Food based Detox with Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

"I have had the most amazing life enhancing (if not changing) week of my life at Jane Parker's retreat."

Come and join us at our stunning Healthy Cooking and Yoga Retreat in the hamlet of Tregardock on the Cornish coast near Tintagel.


Jane has designed a liver detoxification program inspired by her nutritional training and many years as a professional cook. Jane's simple approach to food promotes natural and seasonal ingredients, and is backed up by scientific evidence of the power of food to heal the body.


Jane's detox includes abundant vegetables, fruit, pulses, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, and will give your body all the essential nutrients to enhance detoxification pathways and start the process of removing toxins. There may be some fish and eggs included but the weekend is also suitable for vegans.


Our Healthy Cooking and Yoga Retreat focuses on cookery, learning the skills to cook delicious food, and making the connection between food and health. The program also combines daily yoga practice, mindfulness practice, grounding and connecting with nature, nutritional advice, and amazing food, broths and juices whilst allowing participants time to relax and enjoy the quiet, natural and stunning surroundings of the Cornish coast  for a truly holistic experience.

With the sea just a stones throw away we will be doing beautiful walks along the south west coast path, sea swimming for those brave enough, foraging on the sea shore and then cooking up a feast on the beach. Watching the sunset and meditating on the cliffs, immersing ourselves in the raw beauty of the surroundings,  its a truly breathtakingly stunning place and its wild beauty is the perfect antidote to our busy lives, to re boot, re energise and just slow it all down.


​Retreat Dates - 2021

​Stay in touch for details of pop up retreat dates - due to the present world situation we don't feel confident to set any dates and so may run some pop up dates at short notice


Pop up retreats prices may be subject to change from the prices below

3 night retreat sharing from £395 pp

3 night retreat single occupancy from £495 pp

Rooms are allocated on a first come first served basis

Caradoc has 6 bedrooms:

                                                                                                 SINGLE                  SHARING


Room 1 - luxury single/double or twin en suite               £595                      £495 (total £990)

Room 2 - superior single/double or twin en suite           £545                      £445 (total £890)

Room 3 - superior single/double or twin en suite           £545                      £445 (total £890)

Room 4 - superior single/double or twin en suite           £545                      £445 (total £890)

Room 5 - superior single/double with shared en suite  £495                       £395 (total £720)

Room 6 - superior twin with shared en suite from         £495                       £395 (total £720)



3 night retreats start at 6pm on Friday, check in from 4pm and finish at 10.00am on Monday.

To book contact Jane by email by pressing the BOOK button. To secure your place we take a 25% deposit with a final payment due 30 days prior to the retreat.




  • All meals, juices and broths

  • Morning Yin and  Yoga Nidra

  • Evening meditation

  • Local walks on the SW coast path and surrounding countryside

  • Luxurious accommodation at Caradoc at Tregardock 

  • Personal nutritional advice

  • Cookery demos/Talks and follow on advice including recipes.

Additional therapies will be available to book during your stay and include Aromatherapy massage, Reiki, Indian head massage, Reflexology and colon cleanse. We also offer food intolerance testing.

Tregardock 6.jpg







​A typical day

  • 8am - 9.30am Yoga practice

  • 9.30am Breakfast

  • 10.30am Talk or activity

  • 11.30am Walk on the coastal path

  • 1.00pm Lunch/picnic

  • 2pm onward Therapies, nutritional consultations and relaxation time

  • 6pm Dinner

  • 8.00pm Evening meditation/yoga nidra/beach meditation


Why do we need to detox?

It is becoming more and more apparent that our modern way of living is not suiting us with higher incidences of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's. Why is this happening? It is for many reasons, but a fundamental one is our modern diet. We are eating a diet that no longer resembles the one we were eating just a short time ago, and today we are burdening our systems with GMOs, chemicals, unhealthy fats, sugar, antibiotics, and the list goes on. It just makes sense to strip out some of the modern foods that are harming us and to eat more naturally.

Removing all the refined and modern foods and stripping it back to a completely natural diet of abundant fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds is a great place to start to find the diet that uniquely best suits you and enables you to achieve optimum health.











Three key considerations:

Firstly, we are all different... there is no singular correct diet, and diversity is important, as is finding out what works for us as individuals at whatever stage of life we are at. We will be exploring all the different dietary models and discussing the nutritional benefits of different life style choices.


Secondly, fresh foods with an emphasis on seasonal foods providing the highest nutrient content and free from preservatives.


And, thirdly, whole foods, for roughage and fibre, whilst avoiding processed foods introduced since the agricultural revolution.

The ideal diet:

  • Is High in Nutrients

  • Is High in Fibre

  • Supports Gut Health

  • Is Anti-inflammatory

Our detox

As well as being a qualified Naturopathic nutritionist, Jane is an award-winning chef. Jane will be focusing the menus for the weekend on gently detoxifying meals. These will include organic smoothies, vibrant salads, colourful vegetables, juices, gut healing broths, wild fish, some nuts and seeds and lots of fresh herbs. Herbal teas and filtered water will be on tap! The retreat is alcohol and caffeine-free.

This is designed to be a detoxifying program and so is stripped right back to exclude the foods that may cause gastrointestinal problems, which Jane will discuss during your time with us. You will learn what to eat to support detoxification and will go home with detailed instructions and recipes to give you inspiration to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle.

This food will be packed with nutrients to support your Yoga practice, make you feel energised and inspire you to make long-standing changes to your diet and consequently, your health.

Jane's aim is to help you find the diet that best suits your unique physiology. After experiencing Jane's food and discussing your health with her in a nutritional consultation, you will go home armed with the tools needed to support you.

It's about more than just diet...

Jane and her team will ensure that you have a really relaxing break and fully unwind. Daily Yoga, massage and other therapies, evening meditation and connecting with nature in the most stunning  coastal position overlooking the sea. Add to this the luxurious accommodation in a truly peaceful setting. This is an opportunity to connect with yourself, have time to reflect, and perhaps even decide that it's time to make some changes in your life.

Why choose Cornwall

Ancient name for Cornwall..Belerion or "the shining land"

Cornwall is a unique and magical place. Caradoc itself is at the end of a one track lane surrounded by stunning north coast sea views and nature, the perfect place to soak up the silence, gaze at the stars and find peace away from it all.

Location of Caradoc at Tregardock

The venue is in a stunning location close to the village of Treligga on the North Cornwall Coast

Mandy Symons leads our yoga and incorporates a mixture of Yin and Yoga Nidra into morning and evening sessions










Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is a passive style of Yoga.  Yin stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body.  The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the poses stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas.  It also helps us to regulate the body's flow of energy.

Yin Yoga is a 'listening' practise that helps heal our hearts and minds.  It allows us to be with ourselves, to be still and to notice what the body and  mind are telling us. Most  forms of Yoga are Yang and the two styles combined create a wonderful balance within your energy systems and a unique sense of calmness physically and mentally.

Yin poses are typically held for 3 to 5 minutes in a steady hold,  allowing the tissue to yield.

Some Benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga aims to stretch connective tissues increasing circulation in the joints,  improving flexibility.  It also helps regulate the bodys flow of energy.

You can practise almost anywhere.  You don't always  need a mat.  A cushion or bolster is always handy. 

Yin Yoga is amazing for opening our hearts, calming our nervous system and provides space for the body to deeply relax.  It allows us to recover and nourish ourselves, wash away fears and cultivate compassion and love for ourselves

Stress relieving!  What better way to switch off than to sit still in poses for minutes at a time and simply breathing into the pose

Yin Yoga teaches us to be more intimate with ourselves.  When we begin to practise, we learn to listen to our bodies, slowing everything down.  We learn to recognize and experience our thoughts, watch them coming and going rather than having them race on like an escaped rollercoaster.  This in turn increases our ability to be in the present moment and practise gratitude, slowly bringing us closer to our authentic self.

Yin teaches that whatever comes up one breath at a time will help us grow.  As we hold our pose, the drama peaks,it gets harder to ignore the monkey mind and we start wanting to leave the pose.  Yin teaches us to find a place of comfort in a not-so-comfortable place and observe our thoughts and reactions from a perspective of calmness.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is one of the least known and most under-appreciated practises of Yoga, yet its potential is immense.  When we wish to relax these days, we ask 'how do I do that?'.  Relaxation doesn't happen by doing more, yet this is how most of us go about it!  Yoga Nidra is about doing less.  It is about releasing the struggling and striving to get somewhere.  It is the art and practise of doing nothing to arrive exactly where you want to be.

Yoga Nidra is an experience of 'being held', being carried but can only happen when you stop struggling to keep yourself upright.  Stop efforting and sleep happens.  When you let go of doing, everything gets done.  This concept is so foreign to the Western mind, we can hardly fathom it.

Stress has become epidemic in the West.  We don't know how to stop.  Our waking hours have overtaken our sleeping hours and we sleep to revitalize ourselves so we can get up and do more the next day.  We haven't learned how to relax in action.

What if there was a way we could experience being carried by the waters of life?  A way to feel held and supported in the midst of life rather than struggling to keep our head above water?  This is exactly what Yoga Nidra is designed to do.  Through the practise of Yoga Nidra you learn to relax as deeply as in sleep while remaining awake.  It is composed of a series of breath, body and awareness techniques designed to help you move into progressive stages of relaxation, of non doing.  So much so that the experience of the body and mind can disappear completely for a time.   The result is a highly regenerative state where the energy normally burned by the mind is fully freed to heal and restore the body.  This healing energy of the body, freed from the mind, can also become a spiritual force, unlocking inner guidance, knowing and insight into your true nature. 

The benefits include deep, restoration, better sleep, profound peace and rejuvenation to the body.  Yoga Nidra takes you to brainwave states where the organs and systems of the body are nourished and regenerated. 

The body is its own healer, it knows how to heal itself but needs the right environment to do so.  YN allows us to relate differently to our thoughts, beliefs and core programming that unconsciously drive our lives.  Our minds tire us out so the more we manage our minds, the more energy we will have to live our life.  YN helps resolve and release unprocessed emotions (that came and never left).  These experiences happen very subtly, often leaving us without us knowing what they were or where they came from.  All we have to do is breathe, relax and let it happen.

Yoga Nidra is practised laying on the floor in Savasana (corpse pose), covered with a warm blanket, being as comfortable as we can and listening to a script, allowing our minds to let go

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