​Cookery and well being classes at Costislost

Get into the kitchen with Jane and learn how to cook easy, healthy food and learn which foods to choose to improve your health, skin, energy and mood… and more!


Jane’s mission is to empower you to get healthy by providing the inspiration to make those important changes… you can do it.


Gain the confidence to make healthy choices and the tools to be able to cook food packed with the right nutrients to optimize your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is SO easy!


Jane will also discuss other ways to improve your health through exercise, good hydration and mindfulness.


Jane's work focuses on the optimization of your body’s detoxification capabilities, keeping your liver functioning well, and how this leads to good health and longevity… its all down to diet and informed choices.


Where and when

Workshops start at 11am. The day includes cookery and well being workshops, a delicious and nutritious lunch, and healthy refreshments (dairy and gluten free). There will be some variation in time; please watch our website for dates and times.

Workshops are held at Costislost, a beautiful country home in North Cornwall near to Wadebridge and easily accessible from the A30.

What's included


The day will be packed with evidence-based, sound nutritional advice, inspiration and fun! Topics will include:


The basics of healthy cooking

The importance of a healthy liver


Healthy food on a budget


Which diet is best for you


How to harness the healing power of food


Improving your gut health


Boosting your immune system


Beautiful skin and anti-ageing


Balancing your hormones naturally


Boosting your energy


Blood sugar balancing and why this is important


Going organic and natural and why this is more important than ever before


Exploring and discussing the facts around gluten and dairy


How much exercise should you do


Mindfulness and meditation as part of a healthy way of life


And much more…


Also included:

Recipes and information covered during the workshop to take home


Price per head from £45

On each course there will be one discretionary ½ price place awarded, please email to apply.